"Leadership is often mistaken for management or caretaker duty. We believe it stands for positive change and disruption with a change for the better firmly in mind." Corene Walker Head Coach and Facilitator, defining Coach Approach evolved leadership training.

At Corenewalker.com – Coach Approach Leadership + Teams - our team of Coaches and Facilitator Hub have cleared a path towards practical, game-changing, purpose-driven leadership through:

  • Interactive workshops that focus on achieving sustainable quantifiable benefits,
  • Real world team and individual development opportunities using blended learning schemes; and
  • Coaching that is both a live demonstration of powerful mentorship in action and a tutorial in readying oneself for the challenges that go hand-in-hand with effective change-making.

Sometimes confronting and with an edge. Always heartfelt and definitely honest, Coach Approach leadership is shaping the future we’ve all been hoping for in business and in life.

It’s all part and parcel of developing and delivering dynamic and evolving leadership training for today’s world and tomorrow’s decision makers.

All Work and No Life?

Life can’t be all about work. Enjoying the fruits of your labour and ensuring your leadership journey is only one part of the one life you have to live is critical. We believe that with all our heart. Let us help you make sure life is worth living with:

  • Retreats and programmes that shed light on our blind-spots and address deeper issues
  • Relational remediation or put simply, strengthening your love for each other and life itself
  • Tailored sessions focused on you and what you need to live better

All of which is conducted with honesty, strength, empathy and courage. It’s your life – let us help make it a good one.

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Leadership Development

Leadership Development succeeds or fails based on our ability to understand, work with and be the nexus between Millennials and Gen Xs – no matter who we are.

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CuttingEdge Team Culture

Team Culture can be the rich fertile soil that grows and nourishes sustainable ROI or a barren wasteland of fractured career paths, frustrated ambitions and costly turnover.

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Personal Development

Personal Development for you or your team starts with self-realisation and out-of-the box thinking. Okay, forget the box altogether and realise that what you want, may well be within reach.

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