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Getting comfortable with life outside the comfort zone

It takes all types to tackle something as big and unwieldly as shaping lives in today’s business environments. Fortunately, we have most types covered, including the type that like to address life’s uncomfortable challenges head-on in the service of:

Last we checked, the world is a very different place for Millennials than the one back when Gen Ys and Xs wandered the Earth. And news just in, the only constant is still change. So in order to achieve ambitions, further business and society there is a pressing need to learn to LeadCoach and Grow more effectively and adaptably than ever before.

Here at Coach Approach Leadership + Teams our eclectic mix of coaches, facilitators and implementers bridge the ocean between generations with decades of collective experience across agriculture, education, civil services, manufacturing, sport and more. In terms of life experience the Coach Approach crew has enough to breathe new life into the jaded leadership protocols of yesteryear (5-10years ago), coaching perspectives that no longer join the dots between generations and old attitudes that stifle personal and team development.

It’s not easy, but just like life, we embrace the challenge whole-heartedly and hope you will too.

Meet our Difference-makers

Corene Walker

Head Coach + Facilitator

Bringing out the best in people is where I love to be! As we move into a new generation of leading where emotional intelligence is to the fore, bridging the gap between the Millennials and X-Gen, and following the new Teal leadership approach that requires wellness and resilience … I’m excited to be a big part of this global movement.

Described as your greatest cheerleader, your healthiest disruptor, wise, courageous, vulnerable, brave, intuitive, passionate and gutsy ~ it is a daily pleasure to hold space for what is possible when it comes to empowering people to be exceptionally themselves. Whether you are leading from the front or behind, everyone is a leader and it starts all from the inside-out.

As a mother of two, business leader, traveller, and coach I’m uniquely placed to share practical, real-life advice from the coalface. My background spans from dance to the corporate world, to health, wellness and personal development, to people-skills and leadership development.  Of late the different sectors range from rural and agri to education, roading and construction, professional services to sport.

The amazing part of this eclectic career | life makes up who I am today. Very cool to be of service and walk my talk from this space inspiring bigger dreams. Being that gentle push. And simultaneously the safety net into a world of healthy contagious leadership and wellness.


Jodie Brenton-Rule

Services & Finance 

Support and reliability hold everything together. I provide efficient administration and account support to the team for seamless provision of services to our clients.

I have a practical approach, tons of knowledge and make sure every interaction is positive! Outside of work, I enjoy reading, camping and spending time with our growing family.



Lynda Clark

Coach and Facilitator

The challenge of delivering leadership growth, learning and support networks in an innovative way that connects with people is and should be front and centre. I relish this challenge and love leaning on my experience as a General Manager of Dairy Women’s Network. Roles as a facilitator, speaker and leader of teams specifically within the rural sector and former lecturer at Lincoln University in Dairy and Livestock Production and Agricultural Systems add to what I offer clients.

I’m passionate about the agricultural industry and in particular the people involved in the industry. More recently I’ve worked in the area of farmer wellbeing, people management, health and safety. Add to this bow, an experienced trustee and currently enjoying my trustee role with Dressage NZ.

Martin Wilson

Coach and Facilitator

Understanding, empathising and coaching people through real world business challenges requires specialist experience and expertise.

Martin has a background in law, business and government. His experience includes 20 years as a commercial lawyer and time in a senior leadership role in the public sector. He is an experienced coach who understands the personal concerns and ambitions of business operators of all sizes and across the rural, commercial and corporate sectors.

Martin Wilson is a highly experienced personal and leadership coach. He was involved actively in a leadership role in the establishment of coaching in New Zealand, particularly in founding the Wellington Chapter of the International Coach Federation (ICF). He was a director for two years of the ICF’s Australasian arm. He’s currently an Associate for the Mental Health Foundation of NZ’s Working Well Programme. Previously, Martin was a partner in a large commercial law firm and then established his own legal practice. Juggling the challenges of being a busy lawyer, a parent and an over thinking, over achieving self, contributed to Martin’s first ‘foray’ into personal leadership and mindfulness over 20 years ago. From there he developed a broader career interest and participation in these areas, much of which he engages in as a coach.

He lives in Wellington, is married to Chris and has three younger adult children. Being in nature, travelling and growing self awareness are his ‘things’.


Julie Rowlands

Coach and Facilitator Hub

Courage, connection and compassion are my touchstones. I walk beside you on your journey and support you with my quirky sense of humour and honest open approach to all life’s challenges. I challenge your thinking and inspire you to get rid of blocks that could well be holding you back from what you want.

I’m a personal development junkie who loves to dig deep with you on what makes you tick and tease apart the pieces to help you change how you think and how you live your life.

A trained coach with background as a practice nurse, I’ve travelled and lived in various places through my life. One highlight was 9 months in a small rural Egypt town while supporting my daughter who has high needs autism. While many may think this is entirely mad, these experiences have cemented my philosophy that life is what you choose to create and nothing (except your own thinking) will stop you if you want something badly enough!