Navigational Conversations

One of the most daunting and yet ultimately rewarding parts of everyday life is striking up conversations that has everyone contribute with all your passions and strengths; and working as a collective with emotional intelligence happily leading the way. 

Our Navigational Conversations course guides the way to exactly this -

  • Builds effective communication with teams, clients, and community
  • Develops robust problem-solving skills with others - where they feel valued contributing to solutions
  • Fuels collective hunger for success and all the steps to make this happen

Sounds great and how? 

Our two-phase programme is a proven and effective way to:

  1. Get started with a two-day workshop taking key steps towards better conversations (16 hours)
  2. Embed key behaviours and knowledge with a follow-up half day (4 hour) workshop  
  3. Optional results-driven coaching with focus on total effectiveness 


Healthy contagious conversation skills blending a coach approach into any conversation. You'll get to -

  • Identify key principles that define true success during your chats
  • Understand the difference between problem-solving and the new mindset required
  • Know when and where to apply this so you're truly contributing to transformation and collaboration
  • Learn a tested and proven 5-step coaching model that helps others achieve with pride
  • Deepen your skills to bring about high performance with:
    • The Art of Conscious Listening
    • The Art of the Questioning
    • The Art of Telling
  • Proven positive, corrective + development feedback that nails it
  • Embrace emotional intelligence and make the biggest impact on all you chat with


  • Change-makers, healthy disruptors, Millennials + XGen
  • No pre-requisite