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Mar 18, 2019

We’ve had LeadingEdge Teams rolling right in over the last month with RTFibre, Bluff Station, Sentinel Homes and the Fortuna Group - all taking the TEAL concepts to new levels for them. It’s the small solid steps on the biggest adventures that add up to the best changes, isn’t it! 

This can be as black and white as it gets - Which one is you? 

You are resistant to change, not receptive, have your emotionally stingey hat swung to the front and determined to hold it there for as long as it takes defending your 'rightness', keep your ego intact ... the list could go on.

Or you are receptive, emotionally generous, appreciative, curious, open-minded, excited to learn and change-up every day, and absolutely know your Why, your What, and Who you are being along the way.  With a yes to this, then there is a big chance you are high-quality influencer with an extraordinary business that can knock this whole concept of ‘collective, creative and collaborative’ out of the park.

Simon Sinek knows all about the crucial importance of finding your Why.

A leadership xpert and theorist who travels the globe in pursuit of his purpose - to inspire others to find their true calling - Simon describes himself as an unshakable optimist (which is of course another reason why I love him!)  His talk on the subject - 'How Great Leaders Inspire Action' - has become one of most watched talks on TED.com.  Simon says that your Why not only expresses your unique contribution and impact, it's also a filter through which you can make decisions every day acting with purpose.

WHAT - The Outer Layer
"Every person on the planet knows What they do. This is your job title, function, the products you sell or services you offer."

HOW - The Middle Layer
"Some people know How they do it. These are the things you do that make you special, or that set you apart from others."

WHY - The Core
"Few people know Why they do it."

The Why is not about making money or achieving fame and fortune - that's a by-product or a result. The Why is your purpose, cause or belief. Your Why is the very reason you exist in this world right now.

And there is nothing like an entire Team who knows Why they get out of bed in the morning and what they are on this planet to do. It just so happens your business | organisation resonates with them fulfilling that, thriving, and feeling passionate bringing about the richness of this potential - stepping into their greatness zone.

And if what we do for a living stems from who we are truly are - our values, our beliefs - we will always be in the right place to achieve greatness.


It all starts with great culture and vibrant workplaces.

What would it feel like to turn your culture into a leading-edge workplace where everyone is invigorated and contributing with unprecedented levels of energy, passion and creativity?

Be true to your spirit. In changing-up | tweaking the culture, ethos or direction of your business or organisation, this is a great thing! Especially doing it to better your team and the people you serve.

No surprise, here are some gold keys …

Put purpose – your WHY - in all you do.   Having a longer view is a meaningful thing. Being crystal clear about your Why, your ethos and the important elements of who you are moving forward – are all ridiculously essential.

Once you rewrite your mission – your WHAT – and make every decision based on that – your culture flows. It’s really that instantaneous. Then regularly and gently nudging yourselves to stay on that path - now that's vital - even in spite of the distractions and outside influences that will always be there.

It’s more than okay to shift, pivot, and move forward, as long as you’re guided by your heart and gut. These are absolutely not a set of rules that others before you have written. You are writing them - you and your team are the Rule Breakers, Thought Leaders and Game Changers.


And then there's the 3rd piece with this –

The WHO – who you are all being day-to-day, moment2moment, this is the crux. Our LeadingEdge Teal Teams are now cleverly translating their values into behaviours and measurable activity. They brainstorm and set the standards for this and it covers the entire spectrum of experience across the business – from the young shepherd | milker | teacher | new to the work place à those that have had experience and strengthening à to those who have completely mastered and exceptional at their roles.  Everyone contributes to these behavioural measures and now – rather than words – we have walking, talking, living and breathing this culture.

Other spin-off’s of this is that this dissolves performance appraisal chats (I can already hear a resounding Yay) and bring in their place ‘on point’ daily, weekly chats that are key.  This fits so well with the Millennials flowing in our workplaces. Truth be known, when XGen get into groove with this, they devour it as well. 

The focus is all on Quality

Quality conversations, quality decision-making lines, quality working values and measurables, quality connection using everyone’s strengths in all ways.  And you have a quality culture that's constantly being nailed and up-scaled all the time. 

Changing things up becoming a LeadingEdge Team ...

You'll be blown away by how heightened the collaboration becomes and watch with wide eyes how the creativity + contagious conversation energises everyone. The concept starts here building a solid foundation.

Who wants to join these growing teams in this sphere, leading the way?  To lead the way in your sector, your industry, to lead NZ … heavens, let’s lead the way globally.  Connect if you’re in!