LeadingEdge Teams

As far-reaching or as nuanced as needed

It starts with a great culture + vibrant workplaces and it comes down to you

We customise this unique LeadingEdge Teams workshop so it speaks to you and your team's specific needs and aspirations.  Above all, the team's drive and focus.  We talk real culture and brand - that's not given lip service - it's given true-blood pumping life.

Building a TEAL-based team means -
Shared purpose - WHY and mission - WHAT + shared working values - WHO - shared strengths - goals - shared beliefs - and absolute trust in the way you work. Give folk the environment to fully express, contribute and collaborate and there's unprecedented levels of energy, passion and creativity.

LeadingEdge Teams

We show you ‘how to fish’ so you can place this template on any team – especially with change - establishing those crucial cornerstones with -

  • Fast-start teaming principles so that your team hits the ground running
  • Awareness and understanding techniques to encourage true collaboration
  • Confidence and energy renewed through everyone's leadership
  • Identifying individual strengths on team that ensures gold performance
  • No rocket-science techniques to motivate, build and sustain team rapport thats leading-edge


  • Customised 4-8 hours 


Customised with individual teams that include as many as you want