InsideOut Leading


You want to increase your emotional intelligence.
You want to improve the culture of your team.
You are up for leading whether you have a title or not.


This all hinges on people skills, focus, momentum and balancing your wellbeing.
Real leadership with emotional intelligence.  

Regardless of your background or role, from the InsideOut this course will help you - 

  • Build and maintain momentum with interactive skills that keep focus on the bigger picture and a healthier you
  • Identify key motivators within your team and the individuals to drive focus
  • Learn how to lead and manage great people by engaging with your Why, What and Who
  • Understand how other people tick and how they process the way they do
  • Shift your 'indirect and passive' into 'assertive and flexible'
  • Recognise and reduce toxic draining patterns on your team
  • Learn how to manage every day stressors 
  • Set simple healthy boundaries that hold you and others accountable
  • Increase your confidence to achieve what you want with no game playing
  • Choose your responses even during the toughest challenges
  • Recognise and handle defensive reactions with ease during feedback
  • Bring out the best in others all the time grooming them into remarkable leaders too

       Plus so much more ...


  • 2 x 6hr onsite group workshops held over 2 months
  • On-going support with one2one coaching + online platform momentum
  • Time between sessions to practice all you learn - giving time to reflect, drive and assess progress


  • Change-makers, thought leaders, healthy disruptors, Millennials + XGen
  • No pre-requisite