Nature of Conversations


You want to have game-changing conversations with family, in personal relationships, with your work teams, customers and clients that raises confidence and brings about exciting outcomes. 

Enter Nature of Conversations which means you ...

  • Know how to chat confidently - even with complete strangers - knowing your Nature and adapting easily to theirs
  • Contribute to an uplifting, high-flying work culture that brings out the best in everyone
  • Have fun deliberately bringing about creative, collective inspiration and healthy contagious conversations
  • Learn more about you that reshapes the way you think and opens-up possibilities

This 1-day workshop builds deep insights into your conversation style, deepens your emotional awareness (EI), and how to bring out the best in others. You'll -

  • Master blending the art of coaching with EI and TetraMap® for game-changing conversations
  • Gain a deeper understanding of above-below the line that makes that changes-up leadership
  • Understand the impacts and implications of different Natures from an emotional intelligence space
  • Recognise principles supporting the blend of a coach approach into your conversations
  • Dive deep with the TetraMap® interplay and integrate Navigational Conversations© - a generic coaching conversations model - to understand how your Natures show up with each coaching principle
  • Practice coach conversations with 'different Natures' and 'similar Natures' that have you knowing how to flex your natural preferences with ease

Sounds great and how? 

A two-phase programme that:

  1. Starts with a one-day workshop taking key steps towards better conversations (7hrs)
  2. Embed key behaviours and knowledge with a follow-up group Zoom call (1-2hrs)  
  3. Optional results-driven one2one coaching with a focus on bedding-down new awareness and soft-skills 


  • Millennials to X-Gens 
  • You want to build your soft-skills tool kit and increase your emotional awareness 
  • Crucial for building great business and team foundations + establishing a sound sustainable TEAL culture