Nature of Conversations

We are pivoting with the times!  During COVID-19, all our Nature of Conversations programmes are going ahead on schedule with each start date staying the same. 

We are now coming together with you face2face via screen + an easy online interactive platform. The original days will be cut into manageable bite-sized chunks over consecutive days. Stay posted for your region's specific dates at

It feels good to be resilient and try something new, knowing everyone will hugely benefit with valuable learning and growth that's so timely and much needed - now more than ever!

This programme is NZTE registered so be sure to apply for possible funding.
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Nature of Conversations is ICF Approved 

Core Competencies       4.5 hours
Resource Development  2.25 hours


You want to have game-changing conversations with family, in personal relationships, with your work teams, customers and clients that raises confidence and brings about exciting outcomes. 

Enter Nature of Conversations which means you ...

  • Know how to chat confidently - even with complete strangers - knowing your Nature and adapting easily to theirs
  • Contribute to an uplifting, high-flying work culture that brings out the best in everyone
  • Have fun deliberately bringing about creative, collective inspiration and healthy contagious conversations
  • Learn more about you that reshapes the way you think and opens-up possibilities

This 1-day workshop builds deep insights into your conversation style, deepens your emotional awareness (EI), and how to bring out the best in others. You'll -

  • Master blending the art of coaching with EI and TetraMap® for game-changing conversations
  • Gain a deeper understanding of above-below the line that makes that changes-up leadership
  • Understand the impacts and implications of different Natures from an emotional intelligence space
  • Recognise principles supporting the blend of a coach approach into your conversations
  • Dive deep with the TetraMap® interplay and integrate Navigational Conversations© - a generic coaching conversations model - to understand how your Natures show up with each coaching principle
  • Practice coach conversations with 'different Natures' and 'similar Natures' that have you knowing how to flex your natural preferences with ease

Sounds great and how? 

A two-phase programme that:

  1. Starts with a one-day workshop taking key steps towards better conversations (7hrs)
  2. Embed key behaviours and knowledge with a follow-up group Zoom call (1-2hrs)  
  3. Optional results-driven one2one coaching with a focus on bedding-down new awareness and soft-skills 


  • Millennials to X-Gens 
  • You want to build your soft-skills tool kit and increase your emotional awareness 
  • Crucial for building great business and team foundations + establishing a sound sustainable TEAL culture