TetraMap for Teams

Tetra Map for Teams

These fun workshops are tailored specifically for your team to fly to the next floors with healthier workplace environment, positive disruption, and performance that becomes passionate.

  • Having folk work seamlessly as a team
  • Understanding of energy, how to energise others, perform with an edge and execute paramount
  • Immediate insights about what makes you tick - yes there will be surprises - and take understanding of others to new heights.


  • 4-8 hours


At its stunning depth of insight, TetraMap makes a powerful impact that goes above and beyond performance at a team level. The use of nature as a metaphor and the simplicity of TetraMap is one of the key reasons your people will buy into it so readily. 

  • It develops self-awareness - crucial for emotional intelligence.
  • Builds team cohesion by drawign the most from everyone.
  • Reduces conflict by embracing and valuing natural differences.


Leaders with titles and all others without - for you are all leaders! Making communication easy, elegant and simple.